Chanel SS12 RTW PFW

Donatella Versace wanted us under water or by the sea. Remember MFW two weeks ago? Now Karl Lagerfeld from Chanel wants it too. The interiors of the fashion show and accessories were very much sea-like. And not to forget pearls – after all – it’s Chanel.

The sea shell clutches above are adorable…

Ja jotensakkin ihastuin noin neliökuvioihin myös. Kapea musta viiva on toimiva tehoste. Tuttu kajalin ystäville myös.

Pearls – that seemed to be the thing with the under water theme. Also the shiny surface of them seemed to be used in the collection on idea level.

Ja alla muita kokoelma helmiä… 😉

Musta yllätti vesisävyjen jälkeen. Ei huono.

Karl Lagerfeld and Florence Welch

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5 thoughts on “Chanel SS12 RTW PFW

  1. Its always the same with Chanel, I like some pieces and absolutely hate other pieces. I must say that I like all the pearl details and the first dress is very elegant. But when Karl begins to use shiny textures and ruffles it becomes horrible. When all comes to all, I just don’t like Karl Lagerfeld, I think he destroys the concept of Chanel.
    Are you from Finland by the way? I`m from Norway, thats kinda close 😉

    • Finland, yes, from Helsinki. And Norway – that is kinda close! Karl Lagerfeld also in my opinion don’t always get it right. Did you see Fendi (ss12) that was a sad thing to watch.

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