Taidetta rakennustyömailla – Art in construction site

Musiikkitalon takana on rakennustyömaa. Laitoin myös siihen liittyen postauksen pari päivää sitten. Multicoloured dreams löytyi myös tältä kyseiseltä rakennustyömaalta. Vuoden 2011 kesän teemana on ollut rauha.

This years summer’s theme for MCD has been peace. Töölönlahti area is not the only place to find mcd art. For more info here.

You can also become MCD artist, here is how:

How can I make an artwork for MCD?
Well, all you have to do is send a scheme or drawing of your idea, contact details and where you want to have it displayed. Please bear in mind, as this is completely voluntary, the artist might have to consider procuring materials by themselves if MCD does not have spare materials or sponsors. But don’t let this dishearten you, there are loads of materials lying around everyday waiting to be used and let this challenge you.