Dior pre-fall 2011

Tartan pattern. I’ve never been such a big fan of it, but for some particular reason I like it here. I also happen to like the contrast between bright green and red/pink. Who am i kidding? I like green with any colours. I’m stuck with the colour green. It’s my favourite.

Näkyykö Suomessa Mad Men tv-sarja? En ole katsonut sitä, kun emme omista televisiota. Minulla on kuitenkin sellainen tuntu, kun lukee eri muotitoimittajien juttuja ja arvioita, että tuo kyseinen televisiosara on jo pidemmän aikaa näkynyt muotimaailmassa. 50’s? Early 60’s? Miten on?

Lady Dior bag (above right) or one version of it. It’s one of my favourite bags ever. Please enlighten me, if someone knows better,  but if I remember right that it was also one of late princess Di’s favourite bags. And that is why it’s called lady.

Dior Haute Couture SS 2011 and R-T-W SS 2011




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