Blumarine SS 2011 / Milan Fashion Week 2010

Eläimellistä menoa ensi kevään ja kesän Blumarinen mallistossa…

I’ve never been a big fan of animal prints, but somehow it can actually work. I’ve been terrified with the idea of using panther print. It gives me the vibes of something cheap: cheap blond hair, bad skin with heavy make-up, too many pieces of “golden” jewerly, too much cheap parfume et cetera. You get the picture? Well, Blumarine changes my image of this cheap way of using panther print. These are actually fresh and light.

Or mayby I’ve been having creeps about the whole idea about return of the seventies.

No, mitäs seitkytluvusta huolehtimaan, jos se päivitetty ja kevennetty 2000-luvulla. Updated version of the 70’s is not bad at all.

Anna Molinari