To my friend Lotta / Ystävälleni Lotalle

Istuskelimme pari viikkoa sitten Helsingin Rautatieaseman kahvilassa. Räpsin kuvia ja tässä muutamia otoksia. I was in Helsinki’s Railway Station’s cafeteria with my dear friend Lotta and took some photos.

Kuvassa yllä (above) Emma, Lotan tytär (daughter). Below interiors of Railwaystation. There is certain ArtNouveau feeling…which I like very much. ArtNouveau is probably better known in Finland as Jugend style, which is in my opion a bit more settle (and boring) comparing to ArtNouveau. It’s not that rich or flourishing… like Hector Guimard (an architect, beautiful buildings and metrostation in Paris) or Antoni Gaudi (an architect, Barcelona).

Architect for Helsinki’s Railwaystation (Rautatieasema in Finnish, Rauttis is Helsinkian dialect/slang) is Eliel Saarinen. Known in Finland and world wide. Opening of Rauttis was in 1919.

More about Art Nouveau here (Reseau Art Nouveau Network).

Oh yeah, and there was a pigeon inside Rauttis’ cafeteria. 🙂







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