A Détacher SS 2011 /NY Fashion Week 2010

I’ve been really bugged by the bright blue colour in the next spring/summer (yes – that’s where the SS comes from) collections. It’s almost in every other of them! You’ve noticed that? Well, FINALLY I found a collection that uses the colour in a way I’d actually use it..in stockings… please, don’t laugh.

AND! I do happen to like other colours as well. So refreshing see green used also in a bag. I like it… I like it very much. Also the shape of the clothes.

I really like these clothes! Me want some. So, people, you actually don’t have to wear bright or neon colours next spring and summer – except the bright blue stockings ;).

Gee! I really like that green bag.

Designer Mona Kowalska (below) and her shop Nolita.



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