Elle UK Oct 2010 25th Birthday Issue – Happy Birthday, Elle!

Elle on nuori nainen – 25-vuotias. BrittiElle juhlistaa tätä viimeisimmässä numerossaan. Tätä kyseistä lehden numeroa saa neljän eri kannen kanssa. Suomessa olen nähnyt vain tuota, jonka kannessa näyttelijä Kate Hudson. Itse haeskelin sitä lehteä, jonka kannessa lahjakas vaatesuunnittelija John Galliano.

Kuvassa oikealla aavistus kissaamme Veeraa ja taustalla William Morrisin tapettia.

Ja jos oikein tarkkaa katsoo, niin

ovenkarmit ovat

kultamaalilla maalatut.

Elle UK Oct 2010 is full of the usual and more regarding magazines 25th B-day. In the first pages of mag (yes, after all tho ads) is a article written by Craig McLean with topic “Are you as empowered as you think? He criticizes how women mould their bodies with botox and implants and how they are adopting male models of sexual behaviour. I hear you, Craig McLean. I don’t get it either. And I don’t get why women have to be men or adapt male behaviour to feel empowered or to be equal with men. Why women can’t women just be women? I don’t mean that women should be less than men as I believe that women are also very good leaders and they should for instance be payed the same amount money for the same job as men.


2 thoughts on “Elle UK Oct 2010 25th Birthday Issue – Happy Birthday, Elle!

  1. I found his article disgusting. He has a very narrow view on life. His entire article was based on the ASSUMPTION that everything women do is to please men. That we’re adapting our behaviour to empower ourselves. What if we’re not though. What if this is actually what we like. Not everything we do is to please you. He considers no other possibility though. He closes his article saying that natural and genuine woman are the sexiest. That that’s what man are really drawn to. AGAIN he is assuming that woman are simply molding themselves into the woman men want. WE ARE NOT. How is that empowerment? “oh ok i won’t take lap dancing classes or get botox because that man said men aren’t attracted to it” Noted. I was just waiting for a man to tell me what to do next.

    • I hope he really didn’t mean that women should mold them selves according mens’ wishes because that IS disgusting. That is also my concern. Women should be women as themselves and not something what men want them to be. Women are not sexobjects.

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