American Gods (Neil Gaiman)

Neil Gaiman American GodsI finally read it. It took me some time, but I read it. And I’m happy that I read it. It’s a good book for a get-away and best place to read it was in a moving vehicle somewhere – usually on my way to home. I would call American Gods modern fairytale. It’s a road trip to Americanism that you take with gods – new and ancient ones. It’s a kind of a love story too. Its main character Shadow goes where people tell him to go and his attitude towards life seems to be that way too.  Some people are like that: they go where they are needed and then move on. I think he on some level found himself or some answers in the end. I don’t think that you should look for literature masterpiece in American Gods, but as in its genre it is very good.

Shadow flies on thunderbird

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