Snapshooting by H w/J – Dimentionizing Photography

Snapshot J/8-10Snapshot J/8-10

The idea of snapshooting is in the outcome, beside the fun and almost endless possibilities for expanding your way of seeing things. It is a play of lights, colours, shapes, forms and reflections. The outcome – the final picture- can offer moments of constant wonder and new perspectives to your surroundings. Like my accompanied snapshooter says: “It’s about finding surprising perspectives and angles to the reality around you. It’s about seeing things in a different dimension”. That’s why we also call it dimentionizing photography.

Reach for the skiesHow to do snaphooting? Take a camera with you and look around. Take close up photos and most definitely from unexpected perspectives and angles. Reach for the skies and have a closer look at what you are standing on. Use the possible colouring functions, e.g. taking snapshots with the negative perspective. Take photos from details and forget the whole surrounding the detail. Take loads of snapshots and download them to your computer. Then delete the pictures you’re not happy with.


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