Design Market /Helsinki Cable Fabrik “Kaapeli”

Probably one of the most popular venues during Helsinki Design Week is Kaapeli where Design Market takes place. I stopped by to several tables to check what there is to offer and hoping for a chance to talk with the artists and designers them selves.

Happy owner of a new hat and artist himself in background with a wellow scarfDmitry Lebedev (the one with yellow scarf) works in SelkiFabric. SelkiFabricks products include hand-made affordable hats and scarfs. In the left of a picture one happy hat-owner: “Finally a hat that actually looks good on me”. See more:

I checked out also Kirsi Nisonen’s, Tiia Vanhatapio’s and Minna Hepburn’s clothes and accessories. For me their work is good in quality, interesting (in a good way) and worth to invest. See more from:,,

All in all Design Market gave pretty good impression of Finnish design of smaller brands. To me it appears to be colourful, ecological and playful. It has certain DIY spirit in it as well. My friend really liked for instance Onneli‘s cats and rabbit. See more from:

Let's talk about art /front of Sami Parkkinen's ParatiisiArt Fair Suomi (a joint event by the artists’ accociation MUU and the Union of Artist Phographers) organized sales exhibition of contemporary art in Kaapeli as well.

What do you think?

There were few that caught my attention. One I ended up photographing obsessively because of the light that reflected from it’s surface and one we end up buying after sleeping over a night. More about that later.

Sasha HuberSasha Huber / To be annouced (detail)

Sasha Huber: To be annouced. Yes, it’s made metal staples on birch wood – Amazing! Sasha Huber is Haitian and European heritage and considering that skull often represents death and keeping in mind what happened in Haiti with the earthquake…Is the future of Haiti and it’s people still waiting for to be annouced?

Sasha Huber / To be annoucedSasha Huber / To be annouced (detail)

More about Sasha Huber from:

More about AFS and Muu-galleria from:,


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  1. The owner of the hat AND also soon of the painting Rajalla 3 by Varpu Lukka is EXTREMELY HAPPY!:)

    • More to come about Lukka’s Rajalla 3 later. It’s the painting purchased yesterday. 🙂 And the owner of the hat with his new hat is making me very happy. 🙂

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