A for Alku: that is Beginning in Finnish.

Helsinki represents for me the city life in a comfortable scale. The centre is quite small and most of the things I like are in a walking distance like cafeterias, museums, parks and shopping streets. These are the places where I like to go and stay for a while.

When someone asks me to show or tell what’s the best of Helsinki, I need to ask back what the person is looking for. I can tell what the basic tourist attractions are but there are also other things to see. These other things get one closer to the soul of Helsinki. In this blog I will show what Helsinki has to offer. Most of these are my personal favorites.

Against saying “there’s no place like home” I want to say that no place is my home. Home is a state of mind not a place. Home is where my loved ones are and where we feel safe and there is certain quality in life. Home is where I’m loved and I can love. I feel that I should clarify the consept of love but it feels impossible to describe. When I ask the person I love most why something is good, he just smiles and says “I don’t know, it just is”. That is a satisfactory answer to me as there are some things you don’t need to analyze. When something becomes clear to me I feel in control of things untill I get totally bored. Then I move on. This to me represents mainly something positive even when it causes pain.

There are several things that make me happy and keep me moving. These are the things I post on my blog. Some of these posts are about Helsinki and some aren’t. And some things are better said in Finnish though I prefer English as first language of this blog. My apologies to all of you, who don’t understand Finnish. It’s ok. There are ca 5.3 million native Finnish speakers in this world.

To me this blog is an open space to share what’s best in life for me. How selfish is that? I hope that some of you readers can find familiar comfort here when sharing the same passions and interests with me. To the rest of you I wish my blog challenges you to try new things. I wish you all the best.


Keeps me moving in Helsinki at the moment…

Happening in the city: Helsinki Design Week and Helsingin Juhlaviikot/Helsinki Festival

Places to stay a while: Stockmann’s new women’s clothing department and the Academic Bookstore’s Aalto Café. And any place by the Baltic Sea.


Links: helsinki.fi, visithelsinki.fi, hel-looks.com, wearehelsinki.fi, helsinkidesignweek.com, helsinginjuhlaviikot.fi