Colours of my life

I’m not obsessed with fashion, clothing design and accessories. I just happen to like them a lot. I read Vogues monthly from cover to cover. I read Finnish and UK Elle monthly from cover to cover and if I have time I read the rest of the fashion magazines as well. I browse weekly the websites for fashion shows and other such sites and create lists of must-buys of the season – not to forget the classics that can be updated with some of the latest trends.

Almost read: British Vogue, Finnish Elles and Elle UK

I can’t imagine the time before internet, easy travelling abroad and when I didn’t have access to fashion magazines. Or I can. It’s the time of childhood innocense that will never come back. It’s also a time of dressing up to clothes you could find from local stores (which wasn’t much) and the pressure to look like your friends (who also bought their clothes from same stores). That’s a fashion disaster in a wide scale!

My philosophy for dressing up is based on what feels good. It’s simpler than it sounds. I own clothes and accessories that go together. And I buy clothes and accessories that go together with what I already own. My wardrobe is not full of bright colours and I like it that way. I can add colour with some accessories like scarves when I want to. Besides black, white and grey there are green, purple and sometimes red. All in various shades. And if there has to be something in blue, it’s denim. Shoes I prefer with heels and bags to go together with the palette of the day. Make-up stays usually natural. Nail colour is either for making a small statement or something classic like red or natural. My hair I usually prefer to wear tied up, thus staying away from my face, though lately I’ve started to wear it free as it shapes my face better like that. Jewelry and scent I use for a finishing touch.

That's for colour in jacket, nails (Chanel Paradoxal - my new favourite!) and bracelets